Process Before The Placement

Teacher pointing to graph with student

It’s important that both you and the young person are committed to the work placement in terms of it being a worthwhile experience and getting the most out of it.

Before the placement it’s a good idea to ask the young person to apply as if it was a job, which could be by completing an application, sending an email/ letter and CV or attending an informal interview either by phone or in person.

This provides experience of the real world of work and gives you a chance to meet the young person and establish their skills, interests, expectations and any concerns they might have.

Once you and the young person commit to going ahead, the process is as follows.

Complete online form
Liaise with school and pupil to agree timing and purpose of work placement, identifying goals they want to achieve
You identify a workplace supervisor
Prepare work placement schedule. You should try to make the experience as real as possible
School will provide contact details for support during the placement

You can find out more about this from the Work Placement Standard.

Work Placement Standard
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