Process Overview

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Our process runs on an annual cycle and as an employer who has previously involved in the programme, you will hear from us each year about being involved again.

Key points about the ongoing process are:

You’ll be contacted by email annually to check if you are able to commit again and confirm your offer details. You might have had a change of personnel or may be considering offering a different type of placement following feedback from your experience last year. You can choose whether to offer a work placement over a set week or maybe over a longer period for a day or two each week instead.

The whole process is simple. We send your details from the previous year and you make any necessary changes/updates on our online form. If you’re not able to offer a placement, you can defer for a year. You can ask for your details to be removed from our database at any time by contacting

If you‘re offering placements every year, you may be contacted by a member of our health and safety team to update your check if required (see Health and Safety). We will also ask you to upload your insurance details as these expire annually.

Your placement details are updated on our Workit database and advertised to schools, where pupils can view and apply. You will be contacted by the school or pupils when your placement is selected.

Whichever type of placement you offer, and method of application the young person uses, there is a procedure in place to ensure all requirements are met before the placement starts.

Have a look at what's involved in each stage of the process below.

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