Virtual Placements

As an employer, have you considered the positive influence you could have on the next generation of workers? By offering a virtual work placement or work-related opportunity, your business can introduce young people to world of work and help shape their future.

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The Schools’ Work Placement Programme is designed to benefit employers, young people and school staff. It helps to form links between industry and education. A successful placement can help raise attainment and motivation and improve the employability skills of young people. It is an integral part of the Scottish Government's Developing the Young Workforce policy that aims to better prepare young people for the world of work.

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Work placements are normally provided in the employer’s work place and wherever this is possible will provide the best work-related experience for a young person. However, virtual placements or work-related learning opportunities are a useful alternative to the traditional on-site placement. We can use online communication such as webinars, vlogs and virtual tours to allow young people to find out more about your organisation, specific job roles and undertake a project or task associated with your industry.

You could provide a young person with invaluable knowledge and skills that will boost their confidence and help them onto a successful career path.

Please choose which type of placement best suits your organisation to find out about the process. If you decide at any point that you're interested in offering a placement, click the 'Get involved' button.

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